LaGioia Concrete, Plainfield, Illinois
LCI is a fully licensed and bonded Union company
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LaGioia Construction Inc., LLC has constructed many patios, sidewalks, driveways, foundations and other residential projects in the past fifteen years.

LCI is a fully licensed and bonded Union company providing estimates free of charge.

Our professional staff can help you create a patio or other project that will not only add beauty to your home but add value.
Please contact us to discuss your residential needs.

brick pattern stamped concrete
Plainfield, IL
Brick pattern stamped concrete

stamped slate patio
Plainfield, IL
Stamped slate patio
orchard stone walkway
Plainfield, IL
Orchard stone walkway
patio with cut joints
Cement Patio
Plainfield, IL
Patio with cut joints
compacted subbase
Compacted Subbase before pour

Plainfield, IL
concrete work in progress
Work in-progress
Plainfield, IL